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About usShenzhen Xin Yuan Zinc Industry is a leading manufacturer of zinc oxide ,basic zinc carbonate and other raw materials .For over 20 years, we have been in developing and marketing the products to meet customer’s needs
Infrastructure With more 20 yeas production experience, we are always trying to have high tech processing unit. Here, we have set up highly advanced and modern machineries that help us in bringing out the best quality product with high purity. The cutting edge technology we use in our unit also further assists in offering product in accordance with the specification provided by the valued clients.

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Of all the different types of zinc oxide, we have been involved in the production of White Seal Zinc Oxide manufactured by the process called Indirect (French) process, Red Seal zinc oxide manufacturer by the processes called Direct (American) process and Wet chemical process Zinc Oxide 99.5%-99.7% by Indirect (French) process Zinc Oxide 60%-99.3% Direct (American)process Active zinc oxide and Transparent zinc oxide by Wet chemical process

Main Products
Zinc Carbonate Indirect Zinc Oxide (French ) Direct Zinc Oxide ( American) Stearic acid Rubber Antioxidant RD Zinc Oxide(Feed Grade)

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